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Advanced DBA Certification Guide and Reference for DB2 Universal Database v8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
By Dwaine R. Snow, Thomas X. Phan
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : July 07, 2003
ISBN : 0-13-046388-4
Pages : 800

    IBM Press SeriesInformation Management
    About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
      DB2: Any Workload, Any Data, All the Time
      Conventions Used Throughout the Book
    Chapter 1.  Data Storage
      Some Terminology Used in DB2
      The Default Database
      Table Spaces
      Additional Table Space Options/Parameters
    Chapter 2.  Data Manipulation
      The Buffer Pools
      Types of Database Objects
    Chapter 3.  Database Availability
      Ability to Manage Logs
      Developing a Backup and Recovery Strategy
      Backup Overview
      Restore Overview
      Rollforward Overview
      High Availability Clustering
      Availability Enhancements
      Ability to Use db2dart
    Chapter 4.  Database Security
      Selecting User Names and Group Names for DB2 Installation
      Authentication Methods
      Privileges, Authorities, and Authorizations
      Firewall Support
      What Is LDAP?
      Security Implementation and Usage
      How DB2 for Windows NT/2000 Works with Windows NT/2000 Security
      User Authentication with DB2 for Windows NT
    Chapter 5.  Multi-Dimensional Clustering
      MDC Terminology
      Design Guidelines for MDC Tables
      MDC Performance Guidelines
      Space Usage with MDC Tables
      MDC Indexes
    Chapter 6.  The DB2 Optimizer
      Joining in DB2 UDB
      Materialized Query Tables
      Understanding DB2 Query Access Plans
    Chapter 7.  Federated Database Access
      What Is a Federated System?
      Overview of the Tasks to Set Up a Federated System
      How Do You Interact with a Federated System?
      Setting Up the Federated Server and Database
      Working with the Federated Data
      Sample Configuration Federated between DB2 on OS/390 and DB2 on Sun Solaris
      Configuration of a Federated Database System
      Nickname Characteristics Affecting Global Optimization
    Chapter 8.  Performance Tuning
      Performance Fundamentals
      Configuration Parameter Tuning
      Database Configuration Parameter Tuning and Monitoring
      Registry Variable Tuning
      Other Important Configuration Parameters
    Chapter 9.  Database Communications
      Database Partition Configuration File (db2nodes.cfg)
      Default Port Range
      Non-Partitioned Database Environment
      Installing the DB2 Server
      Partitioned Database Environment
      Post-Installation Setup
      Installing and Configuring DB2 Client to DB2 Server Communications
      Installing and Configuring DB2 Client to DB2 Host Communications
      Installing DB2 Connect Personal Edition
      Configuring DB2 Clients in a Two-Tier Environment
      Configuring DB2 Clients in a Three-Tier Environment
      FCM Communication Buffers Considerations
    Chapter 10.  Performance Tuning Examples
      Example 1: Create Index Taking Too Long
      Example 2: Unable to Get Desired Throughput
      Example 3: Query1 Taking Too Long to Run
      Example 4: Query2 Taking Too Long to Run
      Example 5: Periodic Noticeable Slowdown of Database Response Time
    Appendix A.  Useful DB2 Commands
      System Commands
      CLP Commands
      ONLINE Utility
    Appendix B.
    Appendix C.
    Appendix D.  Comparing Index Advisor Recommended Indexes with Existing Indexes
    Appendix E.  Configuration Parameters That Can Be Changed Online
    Appendix F.  Explain Tools
      EXPLAIN Tables
      EXPLAIN Commands
      EXPLAIN Output
    Appendix G.  Starting and Stopping a DB2 Instance
    Appendix H.  LDAP Integration in DB2 UDB Using Microsoft Active Directory
      Implementation Guidelines
    Appendix I.  Tuning DB2 UDB in the IBM LDAP Environment
    Appendix J.  DB2 Support Information
      DB2 Support Resources
      Opening a PMR
      Collecting Diagnostic Information
      Sending Diagnostic Information
    Appendix K.  DB2 Connect Implementation
      Installing DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
    Appendix L.  Sample Questions
    Appendix M.  Answers to Sample Questions
    About the CD-ROM
      License Agreement
      Technical Support

Advanced DBA Certification Guide and Reference for DB2 UDB v8 for Linux, Unix and Windows
Advanced DBA Certification Guide and Reference for DB2 Universal Database v8 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
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