Using an Image as a Link

As you learned in Chapter 23, "Making Links," every link has two parts : the link text (the thing a visitor sees and clicks) and the link location , the URL (or local path and filename) to which the browser goes when the link is clicked.

Making an image into a link is just a matter of attaching the link location to an image. In fact, it's exactly like creating a text link; the only difference is that you select an image rather than a block of text before clicking the Link button.

  1. Click to select the image you want to make into a link.

  2. Click the Link button on the Composition toolbar.

  3. Use the dialog box to create any of the types of links you learned to create in Chapter 23a link to a Web page, an email address, or an anchor, for example (see Figure 25.14).

    Figure 25.14. Step 3: Fill in the Link tab of the Image Properties dialog box for an image link exactly as you would for a text link.


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