Chapter 22. Organizing Text with Tables and Rules

Between text and pictures is a gray area. The objects in this area affect the composition and organization of a Web page, but they aren't exactly text or pictures; they are tables and horizontal lines (sometimes also known as horizontal rules).

Tables are a great way to organize text in a meaningful, attractive way. And horizontal lines divide pages up visually into meaningful sections, making the page both more appealing and easier to read. In this chapter you'll learn how to apply these "gray area" techniques to make the most of text.


This chapter assumes that you have already installed Netscape Communicator 4.7 and its built-in Web-authoring program, Composer. If you have not, visit and download Netscape Communicator version 4.7 for your system. (It's free.)

More recent versions of Netscape and Composer are available, as well. Although the exact steps for some features may differ slightly, you'll have little difficulty finding your way around a newer version of Composer using the material in this book.

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