Part 7. Using Borders, Backgrounds, Sounds, and More

Most Web pages contain nothing more than text, pictures, and links, so that's where this book has been concentrated thus far. Beyond those types of Web content, however, is a motley assortment of other things you may or may not want to add to your page, often just for kicks. You're a fan of miscellany? Lucky you ”you're about to learn how to add backgrounds, picture borders, sounds, video, and other odds and ends to your pages.

FrontPage's themes (see Part 2) control some items you'll learn how to modify in this part, such as the background and text colors. If you are using a theme for your page or site and you want to change the background or colors, it's usually best to change these items by changing the theme, rather than changing these items individually in pages, as described here.

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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