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Chapter 2: Getting Started with the Add-in Wizard

Table 2-1: Description of Main Files Created by the Wizard

Chapter 3: The Smart Desktop Add-in

Table 3-1: New Methods

Chapter 7: The User Interface

Table 7-1: AddNamedCommand Parameters
Table 7-1: Interfacing the Office Command Objects

Chapter 8: The Macro Explorer and the Macros IDE

Table 8-1: Macro Facility Shortcut Keys

Chapter 9: Manipulating Projects

Table 9-1: Project Object Model

Chapter 11: Handling Automation Events

Table 11-1: ProjectsEvents
Table 11-2: WindowEvents
Table 11-3: TaskListEvents
Table 11-4: SolutionEvents
Table 11-5: OutputWindowEvents Events
Table 11-6: DTEEvents Object Event Handlers
Table 11-7: DocumentEvents Object Events
Table 11-8: DebuggerEvents Object Events
Table 11-9: BuildEvents Object Events
Table 11-10: ProjectItemsEvents Object Events

Chapter 12: Putting It Together-Let's Build a Real Add-in

Table 12-1: Windows Menu Items

Chapter 13: Migrating VB 6.0 Add-ins to .NET

Table 13-1: Preparing to Upgrade to .NET

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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