Chapter 13. Debugging ASP.NET Overview

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Okay, so you've jumped into .NET programming, and you've built your first (or tenth or hundredth) ASP.NET page. It compiles just fine, but it refuses to work right, returning the wrong value or stopping execution unexpectedly. What now? Returning to your ASP roots, you prepare to start inserting Response.Write statements throughout the code. But wait! There is a better way! Among its many improvements to ASP, ASP.NET provides several application-level improvements to the process of debugging, and Visual Studio.NET goes further to include a debugger that allows you to step through your code line by line, just as if it were a local VB application. So don't add that Response.Write ”read on and see how things are done in ASP.NET.

In this chapter, you will

  • Use Page directives to debug

  • Create Web.config directives

  • Become familiar with System.Diagnostics tools

  • Set up Visual Studio.NET's integrated debugger

  • Uncover Common ASP.NET bugs

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