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This book is designed to quickly get you up to speed with using ASP.NET. The Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET allow you to develop powerful distributed applications using an extensive library of functions, in one of many different programming languages. What began with Active Server Pages as a powerful new way to develop Internet applications has evolved into ASP.NET: a much more powerful, robust, secure, and extensible architecture.

This book is example-based. After a few introductory chapters that lay a conceptual foundation for the work we are going to do (and introduce you to ASP.NET), you'll find that every chapter is loaded with examples. I believe in the example-based approach to learning upon which this series is based. Whenever I get into a jam and need to learn a new programming technique, when I consult the documentation, the first thing I do is look for a good code example that fits my needs. It's one of the fastest ways to learn. One snippet of tight, well-documented code is worth ten paragraphs of "how to" explanations .

To further enhance the "by Example" approach, every example in this book is available online at the book's online resource center. You will be able to actually see the examples run on an ASP.NET server, as well as download the source code.

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Asp. Net. By Example
ASP.NET by Example
ISBN: 0789725622
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Year: 2001
Pages: 154

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