You can also create a preset by choosing File, Adobe PDF Presets, Define, and then clicking New. You see the same dialogs we went through in the preceding section, and after you finish customizing them you can name your preset and keep it available every time you open InDesign.

If you set up presets in a previous version of InDesign, click the Load button in the PDF Presets dialog. Select Previous Version PDF Settings Files from the Files of Type pop-up menu and then search for the settings file (.pdfs) you created in the past. Select it and click Open to load.

Finally, if you work with a particularly PDF-savvy commercial printer, that printer might actually supply you with a PDF preset file to load to make sure you create everything according to printer specifications. PDF preset files for InDesign CS2 have the extension .joboptions. Browse to the preset file your printer has provided, select it, and click Open to load.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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