Chapter 20. Error Handling, Debugging, and Testing

    Section 20.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 20.1.  Finding and Fixing Parse Errors

    Recipe 20.2.  Creating Your Own Exception Classes

    Recipe 20.3.  Printing a Stack Trace

    Recipe 20.4.  Reading Configuration Variables

    Recipe 20.5.  Setting Configuration Variables

    Recipe 20.6.  Hiding Error Messages from Users

    Recipe 20.7.  Tuning Error Handling

    Recipe 20.8.  Using a Custom Error Handler

    Recipe 20.9.  Logging Errors

    Recipe 20.10.  Eliminating "headers already sent" Errors

    Recipe 20.11.  Logging Debugging Information

    Recipe 20.12.  Using a Debugger Extension

    Recipe 20.13.  Writing a Unit Test

    Recipe 20.14.  Writing a Unit Test Suite

    Recipe 20.15.  Applying a Unit Test to a Web Page

    Recipe 20.16.  Setting Up a Test Environment

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