Recipe 15.4. Generating WSDL Automatically

15.4.1. Problem

You want to expose a set of methods via a SOAP web service. You want to automatically generate a WSDL file that describes this service.

15.4.2. Solution

The ext/soap extension does not support WSDL generation. However, there are a few other PHP scripts that you can use.

15.4.3. Discussion

Given the nature of SOAP, it's vital to provide clients with a WSDL file they can use to configure themselves for your server. Unfortunately, ext/soap does not support WSDL generation.

Therefore, you must either generate WSDL by hand from scratch, modify an existing document that supports a similar set of operations, or use an unofficial script, such as:

WSDL_Gen, by George Schlossnagle

wsdl-writer, by Katy Coe based on code by David Griffin

Web service helper, by David Kingma

None of these scripts supports the entire SOAP and WSDL specifications, and each one uses a slightly different syntax to accomplish its goal. You should investigate all of them to see if they do what you need and fit your programming styles.

15.4.4. See Also

The WSDL specification at

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