Here it isthe big moment! You are about to make your first live recording. Feel free to sing along to your song, or else just count out loud as the beats go by. Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is that you actually record some audio. This is just for practice, and you can always delete your recording when we're done with the lesson.

Recording is an action-packed process. It may help to read through this recording exercise first to get the big picture of what is about to happen. Once you feel comfortable, proceed with the following steps.


If it's currently on, turn off the Cycle mode.


Make sure the SPL is at bar 1.


Click the Record button or press the asterisk (*) key.

A one-bar count-in occurs (four clicks).


Count the bars and beats out loud as the SPL reaches them.

Keep counting all the way to bar 8. While recording, notice the remaining-time indicator that appears.


On the Transport, click the Stop button, or press 0 on the numeric keypad after bar 8.

Logic quickly creates a waveform overview, and the audio is now recorded.


If you've clipped your recording, Logic will notify you just as a precaution. Simply click Continue.


Move the SPL back to bar 1 and press Play to listen to what you've recorded.

That's you! Don't worry, most people don't like the sound of their own voice on a recording. The next exercise addresses what to do.

Deleting and Redoing Your First Take

If your first performance wasn't what you had hoped for, you can easily delete it and try again.


Press the Delete key.

The Region you just recorded will already be selected, so pressing the Delete key is all you need to do.

A dialog pops up to ask if you want to delete the selected audio file.

Selecting Delete removes the file from your hard disk. Selecting Keep removes the file from the Arrange window but keeps the file on your hard disk and in your Audio window. Keeping old files that you are not going to use will fill and clutter your hard drive, so it's typically best to just delete unwanted audio recordings.


Click the Delete radio button, and click OK.

The file is removed from your song and deleted from your hard disk.


Record yourself speaking the numbers again in the exact same way to prepare for the next exercise.

Recording over Existing Audio

You may find that you want to record over only a certain section of your previous recording. Here's what you can do.


Move the SPL to bar 5.


Click Record. You will still get the one-bar count in. Recount bars 5 and 6, but stop before you get to bar 7.

Notice that even though Logic was recording during the counting, the Region starts exactly at bar 5. Sometimes this can cut off part of the audio that you want to hear.


If necessary, grab the lower left corner of the new Region and drag from bar 5 to just before bar 5 so that you can hear the entire number.

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