Setting a Region s Anchor Point

Setting a Region's Anchor Point

Every Region has an Anchor that serves as a temporal reference point, or the point Logic uses to snap the Region to the Arrange window's time grid. The resolution of this time grid changes depending on the Arrange window's zoom level, but at all resolutions the time grid's function is the same: It's there to ensure that the Region's Anchor always snaps to a bar or beat position (or division and tick, if you're zoomed in close enough), which in turn lets you confidently move Audio Regions around the Arrange window, safe in the knowledge that no matter where you move a Region, it will always play in rhythm with the other Objects in your song.

In the Audio window, the Anchor is represented by a small triangle under the Region. When a Region is created, an Anchor is automatically placed at its start boundary, but you're free to place the Anchor anywhere you'd like within the Region. For Regions like the HH loop, it's fine to have the Anchor right at the Region's beginning, because the Region starts on the downbeat of a drum loop. But Regions like Snare present a bit more of a challenge. This Region does not begin on a downbeat, but rather begins with a bit of sound that leads into a Snare hit. To ensure this Region lines up correctly with other Arrange window Objects, you should adjust the Anchor so that it falls directly on the peak of the Snare hit.


In the Audio window, drag the Snare Region's Anchor point until it falls on the peak of the Snare hit.

Notice that back in the Arrange window, the Snare Region has actually shifted forward a bit, but now the peak of this Region falls directly on beat 1 1 1 1.


In the Arrange window, grab the Snare sample and shift it forward to 1 2 1 1.

As you drag, the bar, beat, division, and tick numbers you see in Logic's info box reflect the position of the Region's Anchor point and not the left edge (start boundary) of the Region.

Of course, you know from the exercises above that the Audio window allows edits accurate to within 256 samples. That's not terribly accurate, and you probably want your Anchor to be set at exactly the peak of the Snare hit's sound. Let's open the Snare hit in the Sample Editor and refine the Anchor's position.


In the Arrange window, double-click the Snare Region.

The Region opens in the Sample Editor.


In the Sample Editor, zoom in on the Anchor point (remember, you can press the down arrow key to quickly center the Anchor in the Sample Editor).

Notice that the Anchor edit you made in the Audio window was very inaccurate! This is audio editing, and audio editing is all about precision. Let's tighten this edit up.


Grab the Anchor point and drag it to the beginning of the waveform's peak.


Close the Sample Editor.


As you move Regions in the Arrange window, the help tags actually show you the position of the Anchor, and not the Region's start boundary.

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