Where do I get all the information on the new language features and the compiler and linker directives not required for .NET development?


Microsoft provides a complete list of the new compiler directives in its online help that ships with Visual Studio .NET. Search for "What's New" in the online help to bring up a list of topics.


What is an assembly?


An assembly is the finished result of a .NET project. It contains what is known as metadata, which describes data types such as structures or classes, version information, and internal resources such as graphics and/or sound files. This information is stored in what is called the assembly manifest.


How do I enter command-line options to my project?


If you know what option you need, select Project, Properties from the main menu. Under the Configuration Properties heading, expand the C/C++ heading and select Command Line. You can add extra command-line options in the edit box titled Additional Options, located on the right. To specify additional linker options, follow the same steps but select the Linker heading instead of the C/C++ heading mentioned earlier.


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Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++.NET in 24 Hours
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