Things to Remember

  • The best way to ensure that your organization is utilizing the SAP reporting functionality in the most efficient manner is to utilize the three best practices described in this chapter.

  • Identifying which measurements you use to classify major items and documenting them is the key to accurate, consistent reporting measures.

  • You can execute a single SAP query report to produce hundreds of different reports simply by altering the text on the selection screen. When you execute a report, you almost always see a selection screen that gives you an opportunity to further specify your selections.

  • You should never delete another user's report.

  • It is easy to navigate between the five basic screens of the SAP Query tool by using menu paths. From any screen in the SAP Query tool, you can select Goto, Field Selection, and then select one of the basic screens to jump directly to it. You can access the Basic List Line Structure screen by selecting Goto, Basic List, Structure.

SAP Query Reporting
SAP Query Reporting
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