SharePoint Portal Server 2001

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 extends the capabilities of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to organize, find, and share information. SharePoint Portal Server 2001creates corporate Web portals with document management, enterprise content indexing, and team collaboration features.

SharePoint Portal Server creates a Web portal known as the dashboard site. The dashboard site offers a centralized access point for finding and managing information. By using a browser to view the dashboard site, users can perform document management tasks and find information. The dashboard site allows users to:

  • Browse through information by categories.
  • Search for information.
  • Subscribe to new or changing information.
  • Check documents in and out.
  • Review a document s version history.
  • Approve documents for publication.
  • Publish documents.

The dashboard site can provide access to information stored both inside and outside your organization, allowing users to find and share documents regardless of location or format. In addition, you can customize the home page of the dashboard site to display organizational news and other important information.

In addition to providing a default, organization-wide dashboard site, users can create customized personal dashboards to organize and present information that is especially relevant to them, such as project or workgroup-specific information. Users can add content to dashboards by creating Web Parts directly from Microsoft Office XP or by importing Web Parts from a catalog.

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