The annotated version of the routine htmRenderFullTextSearchResults, found in the page search.asp, follows:

Function htmRenderFullTextSearchResults(ByRef sPhrase, ByRef rsResultSet, _                                         sCacheKey, iRecordCount)     Dim htmTitle, htmContent 

The following assignment of the return value of the routine RenderText is simply used to retrieve a heading for the lines of search results for the current language being used.

    htmTitle = RenderText( _                    mscsMessageManager.GetMessage("L_FREETEXT_SEARCH_RESULT_TEXT", _                                                  sLanguage), _                    MSCSSiteStyle.Title) & CRLF 

The real work of formatting the results in the RecordSet object as HTML is performed in the routine RentderSearchResults, which is found in the include file catalog.asp.

    htmContent = RenderSearchResults(sPhrase, rsResultSet, _                                      iRecordCount, MSCSSiteStyle.Body) 

The title and content are combined and returned as the result of this routine.

    htmRenderFullTextSearchResults = htmTitle & htmContent 

Before returning, the formatted results of the current search are cached in the special cache used only for the results of full text searches.

    Call CacheFragment("FTSearchPageCache", sCacheKey, htmRenderFullTextSearchResults) End Function
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