User Interface Support for Purchase Completion

User Interface Support for Purchase Completion

Business managers use several different modules in the Orders category in the Commerce Server Business Desk in order to manage the shopper process of completing purchases:

  • Location Codes. The Location Codes module is used to add codes for additional countries/regions and states/provinces. Locations are used by shoppers when entering billing and shipping addresses, and are also used when commuting appropriate taxes on purchases. Commerce Server defines several by default, but depending on the nature and reach of a particular retail Web site, more such codes may need to be added.
  • Shipping Methods. The Shipping Methods module is used to define and manage the shipping methods that are offered on the retail Web site. Shipping methods can be defined to charge by weight, by quantity, or by subtotal, and can be made available in different languages.
  • Tax Rates. The Tax Rates module is used to manage tax rates for different combinations of countries/regions and states/provinces. Generally, the tax rate charged is based on the country/region and state/province that the shopper provides with their billing address.
  • Publish Order Codes. In this context, the Publish Order Codes module is used to update the retail Web site with any changes made using one or more of the other modules discussed above. This module is also used to update the retail Web site with changes made using other modules in the Orders category.

Site administrators manage the Transactions Config site resource using the Commerce Server Manager. It is important for making sure that the various data used during the process of completing a purchase is stored in, and retrieved from, the correct database.

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