Selecting a Message Queue

Selecting a Message Queue

As with the R/3 destinations, new queues are selected from a list of available queues. The queue is used as a temporary storage place for IDocs that are sent by an SAP R/3 system. BizTalk Server then retrieves the IDoc from a MSMQ Queue.

To select a Message queue

  1. Start the BizTalk Adapter for SAP Manager.
  2. Right-click MSMQ Queues, and then click Select MSMQ Queue.
    The Select MSMQ Queues screen appears. The top box lists available Message Queues. The bottom box lists selected MSMQ Queues.
  3. In the Available MSMQ Queues section, select a queue.

    Click the arrow to move it to the Selected MSMQ Queues section. Clicking the arrow moves all available queues to the Selected Queues section.

  4. Click OK.
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