6. Types Part I: The Simple Types



You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • The importance of types in C# and why it is important to be familiar with them

  • The implications of C# being a strongly typed language

  • Two important ways of dividing the types in C# simple types versus derived types and value types versus reference types

  • All the main types found in C#

  • Simple predefined types in C#

  • How C# determines the type of a literal

  • How to best apply each simple type, and how to avoid common pitfalls during this process

  • Compatibilities between the various simple types and understanding for implicit and explicit conversions between these types

  • A syntax notation form used in the rest of the book to effectively and concisely describe the syntax of C#

  • How to work with symbolic constants, their advantages, and when to apply them

  • How to format numbers when converting them to strings to improve their readability and compactness when displayed as output


C# Primer Plus
C Primer Plus (5th Edition)
ISBN: 0672326965
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 286
Authors: Stephen Prata

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