Tool 89: Gozinto Chart




Planning/Presenting (PP)

Tool description

The Gozinto chart is a vertical tree diagram that displays hierarchical levels of detail of a complete product assembly to ship process. Developed by A. Vazsonyi, this project planning tool is of great value for kitting, bill of materials (BOM) auditing, parts/number identification, and operator training.

Typical application

  • To breakdown a product into its parts.

  • To flow out the assembly process.

  • To cross-reference parts data with the hierarchical levels of assembly.

Problem-solving phase

Select and define problem or opportunity

Identify and analyze causes or potential change

Develop and plan possible solutions or change

Implement and evaluate solution or change

Measure and report solution or change results

Recognize and reward team efforts

Typically used by





Project management







Customer/quality metrics


Change management

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  • Tree diagram

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS)

  • Information Needs Analysis

  • Process analysis

  • Work flow analysis (WFA)


  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

  • Task Analysis

  • Potential Problem Analysis

  • Dendrogram

  • Activity analysis

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Notes and key points

  • Gozinto chart numbering is by levels and BOM or part identification number. Example: 3015: 3 for level 3, 015 for bill of material or part ID number.

  • This is a similar approach to the work breakdown structure (WBS) chart.

Step-by-step procedure

  • STEP 1 List all parts required to completely assemble the product.

  • STEP 2 Draw a hierarchy of assembly, showing levels of detail from the top down to the basic level of parts.

  • STEP 3 Provide identification of parts; name and number each part charted.

  • STEP 4 Check completeness of chart and date.

Example of tool application

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