Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Project Server


Project Server is an enterprise-capable project management automation system designed to support business and industry-specific project management and tracking requirements. It is both an out-of-the-box project assignment tracking system and a platform for business-specific configuration and customization.

Project Server is Microsoft’s second-generation server-based project management solution. Its predecessor, Project Central, introduced with Project 2000, offered workgroup-style collaborative features. With Project Server, Microsoft has introduced a more robust architecture that offers enterprise-wide deployment capabilities lacking in Project Central and has added a cadre of features to support its enterprise worthiness.

The combination of Microsoft Project 2002 Professional and Project Server provides a powerful enterprise portfolio management system that is feature rich, but fraught with complexity and challenges. My goal is to help you maximize the feature benefits and minimize the deployment frustrations.

I begin this chapter with a discussion of the product’s pedigree and lineage, and then I discuss the Project Server big picture to give you a good idea of what you’re getting into when you commit to deploying it in your organization.

Implementing Enterprise Portfolio Management with Microsoft Project Server 2002
Implementing Enterprise Portfolio Management with Microsoft Project Server 2002
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