Appendix G. Solaris to Linux Migration: A Guide for System Administrators

In this appendix

  • G.1

Packaging Tasks

page 676

  • G.2

Installation and Upgrade Tasks

page 677

  • G.3

User Management Tasks

page 679

  • G.4

Network Management and Configuration

page 680

  • G.5

NFS Management and Configuration

page 681

  • G.6

Managing System Resources

page 682

  • G.7

Disk and Filesystem Management

page 683

  • G.8

Swap Management

page 684

  • G.9

Logical Volume Management

page 685

  • G.10

General Troubleshooting

page 688

  • G.11

Network Troubleshooting

page 690

  • G.12

Configuration and Other Files

page 691

  • G.13

Comparable Commands

page 693

This appendix contains tables from appendix A and B, excerpted from the IBM Redbook titled "Solaris to Linux Migration: A Guide for System Administrators," available at, reprinted courtesy of IBM.

As a porting engineer, you may find the need to configure some Linux parameters or devices to be able to run your unit and system tests on the ported application. We include this content to provide you with some technical perspective on Linux system administration. It presents differences in system administration tasks between Solaris and Linux, but as a reference, it will be as useful for AIX and HP-UX as well.

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