Section G.1. Packaging Tasks

G.1. Packaging Tasks

Table G-1 shows differences in Linux and Solaris packaging tasks.

Table G-1. [*] Packaging Tasks.




Smallest installable unit

Package Patch


Single installable image; must be distributed and installed as a unit



Logical grouping of packages

Software cluster Patch cluster


Logical grouping of packages and software clusters

Software configuration clusters

For example:

Core: Required operating system files

End-user system support: Core plus window environment

Developer system support: End-user plus the development environment

Entire distribution: Developer system plus enhanced features

Entire distribution plus OEM: Entire distribution plus third-party hardware drivers (on SPARC only)

Workstation install (stand-alone client)

Developer install (above, including developer tools, compiler)

Server install (server services and software)

Full install (all software/services)

Custom (choose packages manually)

[*] Table A-1 of IBM Redbook

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