Section F.7. Where to Find More Information

F.7. Where to Find More Information

Linux on the Mainframe is a 430-page book (footnote 1) that covers most higher-level issues such as reliability, availability, and security; related considerations concerning the total cost of ownership, performance, and capacity planning; and technical overviews of concepts such as virtualization.

You can find a detailed description of the zSeries and architecture in the "Principles of Operation" (see footnote 8). It specifies the zSeries processor's instruction set, register usage, addressing modes, exception handling, and similar issues. At this level, there are also a couple of issues specific to the Linux operating system and its compiler. These have been described in a number of technical articles (see footnotes 10, 11, and 12). See the GCC manual for details about compiler support for zSeries (see footnote 4).

Last but not least, IBM provides a Web page with up-to-date information about porting issues:

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