Appendix D. Linux on POWER

In this appendix

  • D.1

Development Environment for Linux on POWER

page 654

  • D.2

Porting Considerations

page 655

  • D.3

Architecture-Specific Differences

page 658

Linux on POWER is the IBM terminology that refers to the Linux operating environment running on systems based on the POWER architecture. POWER architecture is an umbrella term for the POWER4, POWER5, and PowerPC processors produced by IBM and other suppliers. This appendix highlights the differences between Linux on POWER and UNIX and Linux environments (specifically, Intel-based platforms), focusing on software migration issues. This appendix covers the following topics:

  • Development environment for Linux on POWER

  • Porting considerations

  • Architecture-specific differences

For more information about Linux software development on POWER4, POWER5, PowerPC architectures, visit and

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