2.5 Real Estate and Auto Data

2.5 Real Estate and Auto Data

DataQuick sells real estate-related information, which it captures directly from county assessors and recorder offices. The company also captures and makes available detailed information about property owners. Sales and loan information is entered within 72 to 96 hours of receipt. DataQuick coverage spans real estate information on 800 jurisdictions in 47 states and nearly every metropolitan area. Table 2.3 lists the type of information they provide.

Table 2.3: Type of Information Provided by Data Quick

Structure age/year

Dwelling unit size

Property type

Home size range Πsq. ft.

Lot size range Πsq. ft.

Insurance X-date

Presence of pool

Year built


Length of residence

Dwelling size œ single/multi

Purchase date of home

Year home was purchased

Month home was purchased

Minority census tract

CRA income classification

For auto-related information, Polk is the best source in the industry, while Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union, the three major credit report companies, also provide demographics as part of their services. All of the companies that provide these types of demographics offer different options for purchasing the data—by tape, CD, dedicated line, or the Web.

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