Section 33. Implementing a Third-Party Template in Blogger

33. Implementing a Third-Party Template in Blogger


31 Defining and Implementing Custom Styles

32 Understanding the Blogger Template Language

Although Blogger provides more than thirty templates for you to choose from, and you can modify these templates to your heart's delight, you might simply want to employ the services of a design professional to create a completely custom template. Before selecting a designer, you must be absolutely certain they are familiar with the Blogger template language and have experience creating templates specifically for Blogger-based blogs. There are numerous blogging platforms, and a designer with skills and a portfolio filled with templates for Moveable Typebased blogs isn't going to do you and your Blogger-based blogs any good!

A simple Google search for Blogger template designers will net you thousands of results, so here are two professional design studios that have produced Blogger-based templates and happy clients:

  • Moxie Design Studios, found at

  • E.Webscapes, found at

You need not pay for professional-grade Blogger templates; some are also freely available through what is called linkware. You might be familiar with the term freeware, in which you are free to use software without paying for a license. When utilizing linkware templates, the "payment" is typically a link to the original template designeradvertising their services, if you will.

Some examples of sites containing linkware Blogger templates include

  • Blogger Templates, found at

  • Blogstyles, found at

Your custom template, either one created professionally for you or one that you obtain from a linkware repository, will typically include a template file and a set of images. If you are hosting your blog on the domain, you have to host your images elsewhere and modify your template accordingly. If you are hosting your blog in your own web space, you must upload these images to your server and also modify your template to refer to the correct image locations.

Before implementing a custom template, be sure to back up your old template and also use the preview function in the Blogger template editor before republishing your entire blog.

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