Chapter 4. Using Basic HTML and Working with Images


22 Using Paragraphs, Blockquotes, and List Markup in Your Posts

23 Creating Hyperlinks in Your Posts

24 Creating Tables in Your Posts

25 Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Blogger

26 Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Flickr

27 Inserting Images into Your Posts Using PhotoBucket

28 Other Methods for Inserting Images into Posts

The set of features provided in the Blogger post editor is suitable for quite a lot of people. Many bloggers are content with using the Compose mode of the Blogger post editor to create the minimal HTML markup for their post, but other bloggers want to add a little pizzazz or personalization to their content. The topics in this chapter provide some instruction with regard to the use of additional markup in your posts, and also to the addition of images to your posts using any of a number of image-hosting services.

Think of these topics as a step up from using the buttons in the Blogger post editor, but they do not require a full-fledged understanding of HTML and custom style sheets. You'll learn more about custom style sheets in Chapter 5, "Working with Blogger Templates," and you can also find additional reference information in Appendix A, "HTML Fundamentals," and Appendix B, "CSS Fundamentals."

Several topics in this chapter have to do with including images in your blog posts. There is no requirement that your blog posts contain images, but sometimes these things liven up your blog and allow you to connect further with your readers. For anonymous/pseudonymous bloggers, the utilization of images in blog posts requires a additional consideration: Are there any identifying features in your shared images, either of yourself or your location? You can take additional steps to preserve your anonymity while using various image-hosting services, and those steps will be discussed during their relevant topics. But being an anonymous blogger does not preclude you from personalizing your blog posts using markup or other basic design features, which is what the topics in this chapter will cover.


All topics in this chapter assume that you are familiar with the Blogger post editor (either Compose or Manual mode) and have successfully posted to your blog.

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