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abstract syntax 
abstracting mapping
    when to use 
    and generalization 
    and hardware platforms 
    and long-hop mappings 
    and mapping functions 
    and metamodels 
    and model portability 
    and model-driven process 
    and refining mappings 
    and reversibility of mappings 
    and short-hop mappings 
    and software platforms 
    and vertical mappings 
    examples  2nd 
    forms  2nd  3rd 
    language versus subject matter 
    mapping between layers 
    raising level  2nd  3rd 
    versus classification 
abstraction hierarchy  2nd  3rd 
action language 
Agile Alliance  2nd 
Agile Manifesto 
agile MDA
    and adding code to models 
    and Executable UML 
    introduction  2nd 
agile methods  2nd 
analysis model
    examples  2nd  3rd 
    sample information 
architectural mismatch  2nd 
Arendt, Hannah 
automated mappings 
automated transformations  2nd 


MDA Distilled. Principles of Model-Driven Architecture
MDA Distilled. Principles of Model-Driven Architecture
ISBN: B00866PUN2
Year: 2003
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