Documenting Resources

You might recall from Chapter 2, “Creating a Task List,” that you can record any additional information that you want about a task, resource, or assignment in a note. For example, if a resource is not available to work on a specific date range, it is a good idea to record why in a note. That way, the note resides in the project plan and can be easily viewed or printed.

In this exercise, you enter resource notes to document why a resource is not available to work on certain dates.

  1. In the Resource Name column, click the name of resource 1, Garrett R. Vargas.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click the Resource Notes button.

    Project displays the Resource Information dialog box with the Notes tab visible.

  3. In the Notes box, type Garrett attending West Coast film festival January 13 and 14; unavailable to work on project. Then click OK.

    A note icon appears in the Indicators column.

  4. Point to the note icon, as shown here:

    click to expand

    The note appears in a ScreenTip. For notes that are too long to appear in a ScreenTip, you can double-click the note icon to display the full text of the note.

CLOSE: the Wingtip Toys Commercial 3 file.

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