An earned value indicator; the acronym stands for Estimate At Completion. In earned value analysis, this is the forecasted cost to complete a task based on performance up to the status date (EAC = ACWP + [BAC – BCWP] / CPI).

earned value analysis

A sophisticated form of project performance analysis that focuses on schedule and budget performance as compared to baseline plans. Earned value uses your original baseline estimates and progress to date to show whether you’re ahead, behind, or on schedule as compared with the actual costs incurred.

effort-driven scheduling

A scheduling method in which the work of a task remains constant regardless of the number of resources assigned to it. As resources are added to a task, the duration decreases, but the work remains the same and is distributed among the assigned resources. Effort-driven scheduling is the default scheduling method in Project, but it can be turned off for any task.

elapsed duration

The amount of time it will take to finish a task, based on a 24-hour day and a 7-day week.

enterprise project management

Project management practiced in a formal, consistent way throughout an organization.

enterprise resource pool

When using a Project Server–based enterprise project management system, a central repository of generic and work resources that can be shared by all projects published to Project Server.

enterprise template

When using a Project Server–based enterprise project management system, templates that are stored in Project Server and available to Project Professional users. Enterprise templates help ensure consistent use of best practices and metrics within an organization.

Entry table

The grid on the left side of the default Gantt Chart view.

export map

The specifications for exporting fields from Project to other file formats, such as HTML. Project includes several export maps, which you can use as they are or modify.

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