About the Training Basics Series

ASTD’s Training Basics series recognizes and, in some ways, celebrates the fast-paced, ever-changing reality of organizations today. Jobs, roles, and expectations change quickly. One day you might be a network administrator or a process line manager, and the next day you might be asked to train 50 employees in basic computer skills or to instruct line workers in quality processes.

Where do you turn for help? The ASTD Training Basics series is designed to be your one-stop solution. The series takes a minimalist approach to your learning curve dilemma and presents only the information you need to be successful. Each book in the series guides you through key aspects of training: giving presentations, making the transition to the role of trainer, designing and delivering training, and evaluating training. The books in the series also include some advanced skills such as performance and basic business proficiencies.

The ASTD Training Basics series is the perfect tool for training and performance professionals looking for easy-to-understand materials that will prepare non-trainers to take on a training role. In addition, this series is the perfect reference tool for any trainer’s bookshelf and a quick way to hone your existing skills. The titles currently planned for the series include:

  • Presentation Basics (2003)

  • Trainer Basics (2003)

  • Training Design Basics (2003)

  • Facilitation Basics (2004)

  • Effective Communicating Basics (2004)

  • Performance Basics (2004).

Facilitation Basics
Facilitation Basics (ASTD Training Basics)
ISBN: 1562863614
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 82
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