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the accountable organization: reclaiming integrity, restoring trust
The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
by John Marchica ISBN:0891061851
Davies-Black Publishing 2004 (199 pages)

This book shows how to identify an organization's values and purpose, integrate them into a strategic plan, and develop a focused road map for execution that provides clarity, defines performance standards, and much more.

Table of Contents
The Accountable Organization—Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
Chapter One - Trust—Understanding Its Importance at Eye Level
Chapter Two - Accountability—Taking Responsibility for Choices
Chapter Three - Integrity—Doing the Right Thing
Chapter Four - Purpose—Clarifying What You Stand For
Chapter Five - Execution—Implementing Strategy with Commitment and Discipline
Chapter Six - Leadership—Navigating Context, Fulfilling Many Roles
Chapter Seven - Communication—Connecting Effectively and with Empathy
Chapter Eight - Conflict—Seeking Resolution Through Preparation and Negotiation
Chapter Nine - Risk—Breaking Barriers Creatively and Courageously
Chapter Ten - Southwest Airlines—Integrating Accountable Organization Principles
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The Accountable Organization. Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
ISBN: 0891061851
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