Chapter 3. Components of RFID Systems

Operational Description of RFID Systems 36

Hardware Components 38

Tag 39

Reader 43

Antenna 47

Limitations of Tag and Reader Communications 49

Host Computer 49

Software Components 50

RFID System Software 50

RFID Middleware 52

Host Application 53

The EPCglobal Network 54

Electronic Product Code (EPC) 55

The ID System 55

EPC Middleware 56

Object Name Service (ONS) 56

EPC Information Services (EPCIS) 56

Summary 57

Five Questions This Chapter Will Answer

  • How does RFID work?

  • What are the different types of RFID tags?

  • What determines the size of an RFID tag?

  • Why do I need to consider different operating frequencies?

  • What is the purpose of the RFID middleware?

This chapter establishes the foundation required to successfully plan for RFID solutions. Here, we will provide a high-level, functional description of the most common components used in implementing RFID-based applications. We describe the RFID system components needed for solutions ranging from simple to sophisticated, and examine their functions, advantages, and limitations. Even though not every layer of technical detail is required to understand how an RFID system can be designed, it is useful to know how the various parts interoperate to form an application solution.

Because of the wide-scale interest in the adoption of RFID in supply chain applications, we also discuss the key components specified by the EPCglobal standards organization.

Specifically, this chapter will provide the following:

  • An overview of basic concepts of radio frequency (RF) and the underlying physical principles behind the technology

  • A description of the communication and data exchange methods between the hardware and software components of RFID systems, including the interactions with existing and new applications

  • A high-level, functional description of the EPCglobal Network, a collection of components that enable creation of RFID systems compliant with the EPCglobal standards.

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