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generating reports
        performance:reporting;at-a-glance reports;reports:at-a-glance 
generating reports:network/device health
    reports:network/device health:generating
        performance:reporting:network/device health;devices:health reports;networks:health reports;health re  2nd 
generating reports:network/device health:tables
    reports:network/device health:tables
        performance:reporting:network/device health;devices:health reports:tables;networks:health reports:ta  2nd 
generic interface management 
generic sub-interfaces
generic-trap field (SNMPv1)
    specific-trap field (SNMPv1)
        enterprise field (SNMPv1)  2nd 
get operation (SNMP)
    SNMP:get operation
        network management protocols:SNMP:get operation 
get-next operation (SNMP)
    SNMP:get-next operation
        network management protocols:SNMP:get-next operation  2nd  3rd 
get-response operation (SNMP)
    SNMP:get-response operation
        network management protocols:SNMP:get-response operation 
getRequests (SNMP)
    ARP table (SNMP):getRequests 
Gigabit Ethernet
    Ethernet:Gigabit Ethernet
        standards:Ethernet:Gigabit Ethernet;cabling:GIgabit Ethernet 
    calculated data 
graphing:data streams
    data streams:graphing 
graphing:scatter indexes
    scatter indexes:graphing
        distributions:scatter indexes:graphing 
group asynchronous interfaces
    virtual template interfaces 
group performance:monitoring
    monitoring:group performance 
growth trends

Performance and Fault Management
Performance and Fault Management: A Practical Guide to Effectively Managing Cisco Network Devices (Cisco Press Core Series)
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