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        PRI circuits
D/A (digital-to-analog) converter
data groupings in AstDB (families)
database del command 2nd
database deltree command 2nd
database get command 2nd
database put command 2nd
database show command
database, Asterisk (AstDB)
        deleting data
        retrieving data from
        storing data
        using in the dialplan
DateTime( ) application
DBdel( ) application 2nd
DBdeltree( ) application 2nd
DBget( ) application 2nd
DBput( ) application
DeadAGI( ) application 2nd
debug channel command
debug file, output to
DEBUG output on the console
debug profiling information
        AGI Perl script output, writing to Asterisk console
        AGI programs
        connecting to Asterisk console
        enabling, with verbosity
        Festival server, starting
depmod errors during compilation
destination argument, Dial( ) application
device drivers
dial tone
        configuring on FXS channel
        FXO and FXS channels
Dial( ) application 2nd
        DIALSTATUS variable, indicating success of call
        t and/or T options, call parking and
        voicemail with busy or unavailable message
Dial( ) statement
dial-by- name directory
dialing 9 before calling an outside number
dialpad (analog phones)
        adding logic
                Background( ) and Goto( ) applications
                context for internal calls
                Dial( ) application
                enabling outbound dialing
                handling invalid entries and timeouts
                pattern matching
        AstDB, using
        call parking
        calling AGI script from
        calling Festival from
        conditional branching
        conferencing with MeetMe( )
        configuration for IAX incoming calls
        configuration on FXO channel
        configuring for dundi local context
        configuring for FXS channel
        configuring for IAX FWD outgoing connection
        configuring for SIP channel
        creating simple
                "Hello World!" example
                s (start) extension
        expressions and variable manipulation
                calling from dialplan
        scripting logic
        sound recordings, creating
                adding to dialplan
        Zapateller( ) Application
DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
DiffServ (differentiated service)
digital circuit-switched telephone network
        circuit types
        digital signaling protocols
digital circuits 2nd
digital interface cards
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
digital signaling protocols
        Channel Associated Signaling (CAS)
        ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
        SS7 (Signaling System 7)
digital signals
        advantages of
        conversion to analog with telephony adaptors
digital telephones
digital telephony
        Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM)
digital-to-analog (D/A) converter
DigitTimeout( ) application 2nd
Digium cards
        analog interface card for Asterisk
        IRQ latency and
Digium Dev-Lite kit
        with FXO and FXS interface
direct current (DC) voltage, powering analog phones
        sounds directory
        specifying where to install Asterisk
        staging directory, changing
        used by Asterisk
Directory( ) application 2nd
DISA( ) application
disconnects, far-end
distributed IVR
Dixon, Jim
dmesg command, checking USB controller type
dnsmgr.conf file
Documentation Project, Asterisk
Domain Name System (DNS), mapping E.163 numbers into
Domain Name System Service records (DNS SRV records)
domain/realm (SIP X-Lite client)
dont include command
DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on VoIP communications
drivers, unloading from memory with rmmod
DS-0 (64-kbps channel)
DS-1 (1.544-Mbps bit stream)
DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
        system requirements for
DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi Frequency)
        WAIT FOR DIGIT command
dump agihtml command
DumpChan( ) application
DUNDi (Distributed Universal Number Discovery) 2nd
        configuring Asterisk for use with
dundi.conf file
        contexts, mapping to dialplan contexts
        defining DUNDi peers
        general configuration
DUNDiLookup( ) application 2nd
dust in equipment rooms
dynamic IP addresses

Asterisk. The Future of Telephony
Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
Year: 2001
Pages: 380

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