Section E.11. set

E.11. set

The set command is used to control the amount of debugging information on the console. If connecting to a remote Asterisk console, be aware that changes made to the level of debugging have global scopethat is, they affect all consoles. Also be sure to lower the debugging level before exiting if you are logging to a text file (see logger ).

set debug

 set debug   level   

Sets the level of core debug messages to be displayed. means no messages are displayed. Equivalent to -d[d[d...]] on startup.

 set debug 10 

set verbose

 set verbose   level   

Sets the verbosity level on the console. A setting of means that no information on calling activity will be displayed. If you request 10 , you'll be seeing a lot of activity indeed ( especially on a busy system). This command has the exact same effect as the -v[v[v...]] flags you provide on startup.

 set verbose 10 

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