Section E.10. restart

E.10. restart

When a restart is performed, all channels are cleared (i.e., hung up) and all modules are reloaded. You can also instruct Asterisk to restart only when there no longer any active channels, thus preventing calls from being dropped.

restart gracefully

Causes Asterisk to stop accepting new calls and perform a cold restart when all active calls have ended.

restart now

Causes Asterisk to immediately hang up all calls and perform a cold restart.

restart when convenient

Causes Asterisk to perform a cold restart when all active calls have ended. New calls are accepted, and only when all calls have completed is the restart performed. Use this command very carefully , as you have no way of knowing when the conditions for the restart will be met. On a busy system, the restart might not occur until well after you've forgotten you requested it. The best practice on a busy system is to execute restarts manually.

save dialplan

Saves the current dialplan from the command line to the extensions.conf file. It is important to remember that all comments are stripped from the dialplan upon saving. It is recommended that permanent changes to the dialplan be made directly in the extensions.conf file and then reloaded (see extensions reload ) to preserve comments.

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