Section E.7. meetme

E.7. meetme

The meetme command can be used for a variety of purposes, including listing all active conferences, the number of parties in a conference, the number of marked users, the active length of a conference, and whether a conference was created dynamically or statically.

A timing interface must be loaded in order for this command to be available.

The following meetme subcommands can be used from the console to control active conferences.

meetme kick

 meetme kick   confno   [   user_number   all] 

Kicks (i.e., removes ) one or all participants from an active conference.

 meetme kick 100 all 

meetme list

 meetme list   confno   

Lists the associated channel names of conference participants and monitors status.

 meetme list 100 

meetme lock

 meetme lock   confno   

Locks a conference from allowing any joins.

 meetme lock 100 

As the number of users in a conference grows, so does the load on the CPU, as it has to mix all of the incoming streams into one, and then transmit the result back out to all the participants. If you have advertised a public conference and it suddenly becomes too popular, you may want to lock out any further participants in order to preserve sound quality.

meetme mute

 meetme mute   confno user_number   

Mutes a user in the conference.

 meetme mute 100 1 

meetme unlock

 meetme unlock   confno   

Unlocks a conference, allowing channels to join the active conference.

 meetme unlock 100 

meetme unmute

 meetme unmute   confno user_number   

Unmutes a user in the conference who is muted.

 meetme unmute 100 1 

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