Section E.5. indication

E.5. indication

The loadzone option in a channel configuration file configures the tone zone to use for a channel. A tone zone is a set of indications , as configured in indications.conf , that contains information about all the various sounds that are common to telephones in a particular countrydial tone, ringing cycles, busy tones, and so on. A loaded tone zone is applied to a Zaptel channel, which will behave according to the definition for its tone zone. The idea is to deliver familiar telephone sounds, wherever in the world the users might be. Individual channels can have different indication sets configured, which means that a single Asterisk system can provide familiar telephony behavior to people from different countries . The defaultzone is used if nothing is specified for the channel.

indication add

 indication add   country indication   "   tonelist   " 

Adds the given indication to the country. See also show indications .

 indication add us dial "350+440" 

indication remove

 indication remove   country indication   

Removes the given indication from the country. See also show indications .

 indication remove us dial 

init keys

Initializes private RSA keys using the passcode specified by the user . Keys are generated with the use of the astgenkey script. Keys generated with the use of a passcode must be initialized with the - i flag when starting Asterisk, or with the init keys command from the CLI.


 load   module_name   

Loads the specified module into Asterisk.


local show channels

Shows the status of Local channels.

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