StringKeyFrameHierarchy: DependencyObject Freezable

StringKeyFrame is the base class for only one subclass, DiscreteStringKeyFrame:

     <DiscreteStringKeyFrame             KeyTime="0:0:10|Uniform|Paced|30%"             Value="String" /> 

<DiscreteStringKeyFrame .../> animates a string from a previous value to its own at KeyTime.


KeyTime (required)

This attribute specifies the time, relative to the animation, when Value will be reached:

  • A time period specified in hours:minutes:seconds.

  • Uniform: The Duration will be split evenly among all key frames.

  • Paced: The Duration will be split among key frames in a way that ensures the speed of the animation remains relatively constant.

  • A percentage of the total duration.

Value (required)

This String describes the destination value of the key frame.

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