KeySplineHierarchy: DependencyObject Freezable

         <KeySpline             ControlPoint1="5,5"             ControlPoint2="10,10" /> 


     <KeySpline>             <KeySpline.ControlPoint1>                 <Point X="5" Y="5" />             </KeySpline.ControlPoint1>             <KeySpline.ControlPoint2>                 <Point X="10" Y="10" />             </KeySpline.ControlPoint2>         </KeySpline> 

<KeySpline .../> defines the control points used to modify the transition of a spline-based key frame. Both control points can be declared using abbreviated markup syntax or explicitly as Point elements.


ControlPoint1 (required)

Represents the first control point

ControlPoint2 (required)

Represents the second control point

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