Hack 34. Play Free Java Games

There are several free games you can download and play on your device, but don't blame us when your productivity declines.

There are times when the escape that comes from playing a game is just what you need. Whether you're killing time waiting on the next leg of your flight or postponing that project that you've been dreading, there are several free games that will work on your BlackBerry, if you know where to look.

Midlet.org (http://www.midlet.org) has a nice repository that has links to the over-the-air installs for several games. Although a good percentage of the games there are no longer available, many still are and will serve your need to procrastinate just fine. Don't expect any game to match the 3D effects and realism of your Xbox, however.

If you're using the BlackBerry Internet Browser, you may have a problem with the .jad file formats. Try using the WAP browser (the mMode icon for Cingular, the Download Fun icon on T-Mobile, etc.) or an MDS-enabled BlackBerry Browser if you run into problems.

3.4.1. Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness is available at http://midlet.org/repository/zendog/monkeymadness/MonkeyMadness.jad. It is similar to the old Rampage game you are an 800-pound gorilla that has to destroy buildings and people before they kill you. Use the spacebar to punch the buildings on the screen until they crumble to the ground. There are people in the buildings who are shooting at you, however. It is a race against time as their bullets slowly wear you down (see Figure 3-7).

Figure 3-7. Monkey Madness

3.4.2. Space Travel

Space Travel is a game reminiscent of the old Asteroids game, minus the shooting. It is available at http://midlet.org/repository/sabbir/spacetravel/SpaceTravel.jad. You are a spaceship that has to navigate a space field of asteroids and other objects. You try to collect as many blue moons as you can while avoiding the other objects (see Figure 3-8).

Figure 3-8. Space Travel

3.4.3. Swarm

Swarm is available from http://midlet.org/repository/zeroindex/swarm/Swarm.jad and is very similar to the popular Galaga game that you can still find in arcades all over. Use the spacebar to shoot the aliens as they swoop down to try and take you out (see Figure 3-9). Use the S and D keys to move right and left to avoid disaster.

Figure 3-9. Swarm

3.4.4. Spruce Driver

Spruce Driver is part Spy Hunter, part Frogger. It is available from http://midlet.org/repository/spruce/driver/SpruceDriver.jad. The object is to avoid colliding with other vehicles and objects as you race down a highway. Use the S and D keys to move right and left, and try to avoid the puddles they'll cause you to slip and could cause a collision (see Figure 3-10).

3.4.5. M-Type

Slay a monster using this adaptation of an old game called R-Type. M-Type is available at http://midlet.org/repository/jshape/mtype/mtype.jad. Use the trackwheel to move your ship up and down and the spacebar to shoot the monster. This one is a little dry, but the graphics are decent compared to some of the other free games (see Figure 3-11).

Figure 3-10. Spruce Driver

Figure 3-11. M-Type

3.4.6. Pang

This adaptation of the classic Pang is available at http://midlet.org/repository/borisgranveaud/pang/Pang_generic.jad. You try to shoot falling balls before they hit you. When you hit a ball, it breaks into smaller balls. Hit the smaller balls and they finally disappear (see Figure 3-12).

Figure 3-12. Pang

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