Hack 4. Sync Your Calendar over the Air

Have your calendar items sync to your server-based mailbox continuously over the air.

If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Server user, you know how quickly your emails arrive to your device almost immediately. In earlier versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, synchronization of all items except email had to occur through a USB or serial connection using Intellisync with Desktop Manager. With the introduction of Version 2.1 of the BES, it is possible to update your calendar items over the air without cradling your BlackBerry.

Unless your device has been provisioned over the air to a 4.0 BES server, by default, your calendar items on your device are synchronized to your Outlook calendar only when you cradle and run an Intellisync using Desktop Manager. You can change that so your calendar items synchronize continuously over the air. This turns out to be quite a convenience for heavy calendar users and for users who have multiple people managing their schedule using a server-based calendar.

1.5.1. Enable Wireless Calendar

To set up wireless calendaring, you'll need to cradle your device and bring up Desktop Manager. Double-click on the Intellisync icon, and then click Configure PIM. Under Handheld Applications, select Calendar, and then click on the Choose button on the top-right side of the dialog box. As shown in Figure 1-5, instead of choosing Microsoft Outlook (which is the default), choose BlackBerry Wireless Sync, and then click OK.

If BlackBerry Wireless Sync is not on the list, you either are not a BES user, your BES is using a version that doesn't support the wireless calendar feature, or your administrator has configured the server not to support it.

Figure 1-5. Configuring wireless calendaring

After clicking OK, a dialog box will appear saying that you need to synchronize to enable wireless calendaring. Because there are often many calendar items in your calendar that would take a lot of airtime and server resources to sync over the air, Desktop Manager has you do a cradled sync one last time before enabling the wireless calendar feature. For syncing a large number of items, this type of sync is far more efficient.

Click the Synchronize Now button to sync your device. When Desktop Manager recognizes that this is the first time you've synced since you first enabled the Wireless Calendar Sync, it will display a dialog box as shown in Figure 1-6. This simply explains that all your calendar items on your calendar will be overwritten with items from your server-based mailbox's calendar. Clicking OK starts the synchronization process as shown in Figure 1-7.

Figure 1-6. Warning about overwriting calendar items

Figure 1-7. Syncing calendar items one last time

Once the Intellisync is complete, your calendar items will sync over the air whether the changes are initiated from your device or from your server-based mailbox.

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