Chapter 27 -- Microsoft Windows 2000 Security

Chapter 27

About This Chapter

Microsoft Windows 2000 introduces a comprehensive public key infrastructure (PKI) to the Windows platform. PKI extends the Windows-based public key (PK) cryptographic services introduced over the past few years, providing an integrated set of services and administrative tools for creating, deploying, and managing PK-based applications. This chapter describes the Windows 2000 PKI, discusses the primary public key technologies that are supported by Windows 2000, and provides an overview of the Kerberos and IPSec protocols in Windows 2000. Finally, the chapter introduces you to Windows 2000 security configuration tools and to auditing, a tool you can use to maintain network security.


Windows 2000 security is a sophisticated and comprehensive set of services. Although this chapter introduces you to Windows 2000 security, it cannot address it in depth. You should refer to Windows 2000 Help and the Microsoft Web site ( to supplement the material in this chapter.

Before You Begin

To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have

  • Installed Windows 2000 Server on a computer (Server01)

    See chapter 8, "Installing Microsoft Windows 2000" for more details.

  • Server01 configured as a domain controller

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