The following questions will help you determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next chapter. If you have difficulty answering these questions, please go back and review the material in this chapter before beginning the next chapter. See Appendix A, "Questions and Answers," for the answers to these questions.

  1. You have configured a computer to boot Windows 2000 Server as the default operating system, and Windows NT 4.0 Server as the optional operating system. After modifying the attributes of files on %systemdrive% and deleting some of the files, the computer does not display Windows NT 4.0 Server as an operating system to start. Windows 2000 Server starts up properly. The problem is caused because you deleted a file. What is the name of the file, and what can you do to recover from this error?
  2. Why would the Use Hardware Compression, If Available check box be unavailable in the Backup wizard?
  3. How can you test the configuration of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) service on a computer?


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