Chapter 18 -- Managing Domain Name System for Active Directory Directory Service

Chapter 18

About This Chapter

For Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, the Domain Name System (DNS) service has been carefully integrated into the design and implementation of Active Directory directory services. When deploying Active Directory and Windows 2000 Server together you should keep in mind the following points.

  • DNS name resolution is needed to locate Windows 2000 domain controllers. The Netlogon service uses DNS server support for the service (SRV) resource record to provide registration of domain controllers in your DNS domain namespace.
  • Active Directory can be used to store, integrate, and replicate zones.

In Chapter 10, "Managing Domain Name System" you learned about DNS name resolution and how to configure Microsoft Windows 2000 Server for DNS. This chapter explores the benefits of using Active Directory—integrated zones and provides practice in configuring zones. Finally, this chapter discusses zone replication and transfer and provides information on troubleshooting an Active Directory DNS configuration.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • Installed Windows 2000 Server onto Server01
  • Completed Chapter 10, "Managing Domain Name System"
  • Installed Active Directory on Server01
  • Experience using Microsoft Management Console snap-ins (MMCs)

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