Use Accessibility Shortcut Keys

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The following keyboard shortcuts can be used for navigation.

For more information about accessibility features and services, visit the Microsoft Accessibility Web site.

For the Library:

To Press
Close the eBook. ALT+F4
Switch between the eBook and other open windows. ALT+TAB
Print a topic. Right-click in the Topic pane.
Move back to the previous topic. ALT+LEFT ARROW
Move forward to the next topic (provided you have viewed it just previously). ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Refresh the topic that appears in the Topic pane (this is useful if you have linked to a Web page). F5
Switch between the Navigation pane and the Topic pane. F6
Scroll through a topic. UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW, or PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN
Scroll through all the links in a topic or through all the options on a Navigation pane tab. TAB

For the Contents tab:

To Press
Open and close a book or folder. PLUS SIGN and MINUS SIGN, or LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW
Select a topic. DOWN ARROW and UP ARROW
Display the selected topic. ENTER

For the Search tab:

To Press
Display the Search tab. ALT+S
Type a keyword to search for. ALT+W, and then type the word
Start a search. ALT+L
Select a topic in the results list. ALT+T, and then UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW
Display the selected topic. ALT+D
Search for a keyword in the result list of a prior search. ALT+U
Search for words similar to the keyword. For example, to find words like "running" and "runs" for the keyword "run." ALT+M
Search only through topic titles. ALT+R

For the Favorites tab:

To Press
Display the Favorites tab. ALT+I
Add the currently displayed topic to the Favorites list. ALT+A
Select a topic in the Favorites list. ALT+P, and then UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW
Display the selected topic. ALT+D
Remove the selected topic from the list. ALT+R


There are also shortcut menu commands that can be accessed through the keyboard.

Shortcut keys also work in secondary and pop-up windows.

Every time you use a shortcut key in the Navigation pane, you lose focus in the Topic pane. To return to the Topic pane, press F6.

The Match similar words check box, on the Search tab, will be selected if you used it for your last search.

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