Appendix D -- Recommended Web Sites

Recommended Web Sites

The following Web sites are recommended as sources of information and utility programs that will add to your knowledge and toolset for planning and implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 migration. These sites are only a rough guide, as many of the listed sites will also contain utilities that overlap into other areas. All URLs are correct as of the time of this writing.

Web Sites for Reference Material

  • The Windows 2000 Domain Migration Cookbook is an online guide of recipes for migration success. Designed to help you migrate from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory.
  • Microsoft TechNet provides insights and answers for IT professionals, including solutions for problematic migrations.
  • These Windows 2000 deployment and migration guides and white papers cover all upgrades and deployments of each Windows 2000 product.
  • Windows 2000 Magazine is an independent print and online magazine covering Windows 2000 and BackOffice topics.
  • BackOffice Magazine is an independent print and online magazine covering Windows 2000 and BackOffice issues. Ben Chai, the author of this book, is also the editor of this publication.
  • TheITportal is a gateway to news and technical sites around the world containing many IT issues, including the latest on Windows 2000.

Web Sites for Migration Utilities

  • Aelita specializes in Windows NT and Windows 2000 tools and utilities. Their controlled migration suite and migration white papers will be of special interest to readers of this book. The Aelita suite uses five key steps to a successful migration: analyze and plan, model and test, restructure and migrate, clean up directory, and control transition. Aelita also has utilities to migrate from an existing Novell architecture to Windows 2000.
  • FastLane produces the DM suite of utilities to aid with migration. They also have a number of white papers to help implement a migration to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000. One issue that has not been covered in this book is how to incorporate the properties of mailboxes in existing Microsoft Exchange 5.5 systems to handle the migration of user accounts. FastLane has several papers on this aspect of a migration.
  • BindView produces the bv-Admin utility to aid with user, server, and workstation migration to Windows 2000. bv-Admin can also help you manage multiple directory services such as Novell NDS, Windows 2000 Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange from a single console.
  • NetIQ supplied the ADMT utility used by Microsoft and currently featured in the MCSE migration exam. Domain Migration Administrator, together with Directory and Resource Administrator, are the big brother products to the ADMT utility.
  • Specialists in Windows 2000 and Microsoft SMS, 1e contains a number of white papers and utilities to help you manage your Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems via Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Web Sites for Security Assessment Utilities

  • WebTrends provides a comprehensive security scanning and reporting utility, which has won several awards in the industry. The utility also allows you to close any loopholes found on your system.
  • Internet Security Systems produces security tools such as the Internet Security Scanner featured in this book. Their online Xforce database allows you to locate and find fixes to all known security loopholes.
  • Lieberman and Associates produces utilities that allow you to use a single console to simultaneously change your security settings, such as the passwords set on all service accounts on all computers.
  • SystemTools provides a number of support utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000. Their Hyena and Dumpsec security utilities are featured on the accompanying CD-ROM in this book.

Web Sites for General Troubleshooting Utilities

  • Heroix supplies the award-winning RoboEr, Robomon, and RoboCentral utilities that allow you to access your "dead" Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems when the keyboard and mouse have locked up. A smaller version of this utility is specially featured on the Supplemental Course Materials CD included with this book.
  • (also Winternals Software is an Austin, Texas-based developer of advanced system tools for Windows NT/2000. Their utilities are designed to repair and recover Windows-based systems, allowing systems administrators to minimize both downtime and data loss. The SysInternals Web site provides answers to operating system problems, freeware utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows 9x/NT/2000 internals. Their popular ERD Commander for repairing systems is featured on the Supplemental Course Materials CD included with this book.
  • Essential Computing provides systems management solutions to give administrators and support teams the solutions needed to make Windows 2000 a success at the enterprise level.
  • Sunbelt Software supplies a variety of systems management utilities. Their Sunbelt W2Knews is one of the more popular e-news letters and contains many of the latest happenings on Windows NT and Windows 2000 utilities that are supplied by Sunbelt and other companies.
  • This Microsoft Windows 2000 Web site will lead you to all managerial, strategic, technical white papers, and download areas to help migrate to, support, and manage Windows 2000 systems.

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