The NN-XT Advanced Sampler

Unlike the NN-19, the NN-XT can assign more than one sample to a key. This allows you to switch among samples based on note velocity, so that different attack strengths trigger different sounds.

The NN-XT also adds more controls, and you can store different settings for each sample! This makes it possible to set up crossfades between samples, combine multiple patches into one, and even set up groups of samples in the same patch that behave differently. To top it all off, the NN-XT has eight stereo outputs.

To create an NN-XT sampler


Select Create > NN-XT Advanced Sampler.


Press Tab, and check the back panel to make sure that the NN-XT's 1/L and 2/R outputs are connected to an open Mixer channel (Figure 6.67).

Figure 6.67. A default connection between an NN-XT and a 6:2 Line Mixer


Return to the front panel view and click the right-pointing arrow at the bottom-left to unfold the Remote Editor panel (Figure 6.68).

Figure 6.68. The NN-XT Advanced Sampler's Remote Editor works much like the NN-19's sample map.

Loading a patch or sample in the NN-XT is done exactly the same as in any other sampler, except that they show up in the Remote Editor instead of the main controls.

To audition and load a patch


Play your loop and open the NN-XT's patch browser (Figure 6.69).

Figure 6.69. Load a patch in your NN-XT.


Go to the Reason Factory Sound Bank's NN-XT Patches folder and choose a sound (Figure 6.70).

Figure 6.70. You can audition patches by playing a loop while using the browser.

In the bottom-left corner of the browser you'll see the loading status of the selected patch (Figure 6.71). As soon as it's done loading, you'll hear your loop playing the new sound.

Figure 6.71. When loading a patch to audition, loading status is displayed at the bottom-left.

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